Birthday Gifts for a Fabulous 4 Year Old Girl

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My daughter’s birthday is coming up next month, so I have been looking into what to buy her. She is turning 4! Whoa! Where did the past 4 years go? She is fabulous, and I can’t wait to celebrate her 4th birthday!

In our house, we buy gifts to celebrate the life of the child God has given us! Hooray! Thank you, God, for my beautiful little girl (who is not so little anymore)! I love just being able to celebrate how special this little girl is to me and her daddy and how amazing God made her!

#1 on the list is something she requested-a Barbie! Yes! I LOVED Barbies growing up, so I am so excited she asked for this item for her birthday! And, of course, I wanted to be the one who buys her 1st Barbie!

Here is just a simple Barbie for your Barbie lover. I will most likely be buying this Barbie for my sweetie’s 4 birthday!

I also loved the Holiday Barbies growing up, so this one would be great for a birthday gift, or even a Christmas present! She is absolutely stunning, as they all are!

Or this would be a fabulous birthday Barbie for your birthday girl! She is super cute too!

#2 Games! My daughter loves to play games, when I saw this game, I thought it would be perfect for her! This game is the Classic Candy Land game, but Disney Princess themed! So if your little Princess loves Candy Land and Princesses, this game is definitely for her! It looks like it is so much fun!

#3 a Bike. We recently got my daughter a bike, and she absolutely loves it. This bike would be a great birthday gift for your little love. This one is Pinkalicious, and it is really cute! This particular one is a 14 inch bike because my daughter is tall, and she would be able to grow into this one as well. This size bike is the one we bought for her, but there are also all sorts of cute 12 inch bikes out there if you think that would fit your daughter better. I also like this one because it seems pretty sturdy. What little girl won’t love a pink bike for her 4th birthday?

#4 Where’s Waldo? Type Books. These are oldies, but goodies! My daughter loves these type books, and we can spend so much time sitting together looking for Waldo. These books can be difficult, but they are still so much fun! We ended up losing these books in the past, so we hope to get some new ones soon!

#5 a themed Bed Set. My daughter is having a Hello Kitty party this year, so I couldn’t forget about something Hello Kitty in this post! This bed set comes with the comforter, bed skirt and pillow shams, but put it with some pink sheets and you have a super cute bed for a sweet 4 year old girl! The reviews for this one seem to be pretty good, and it seems like it would hold up pretty good. If you have a Hello Kitty fan in your life, like me, this gift would be great for her!

All of these would be great gifts for the fabulous 4 year old in your life!

If you have a 2 year old boy, don’t forget to check out my previous post on Birthday Gifts for the 2 Year Old Boy.

What did you get your 4 year old daughter for her birthday?

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