About Our Family


Our Family

If you want to know more about God, parenting, marriage or living a missionary life overseas in Thailand, you will want to hang around here for a while! Follow the Dyers blog is all about a Christian lifestyle, including the messiness of parenting and married life while living a missionary life across the world from our family in Bangkok.

About Us

My husband and I were high school sweethearts, who moved to different towns to go to college, while still dating. We got married after college and ended up working our dream jobs by the age of 26. Josh was a PGA golf instructor, and I had private practice in counseling. Shortly after living the dream, God had other plans. He insisted we move to Port au Prince, Haiti with our new baby girl. After a year of living in Haiti, God had other plans. My husband was asked to move to Bangkok to pastor a church plant in order for our home church to plant another church back in the States. Our blog started as a way to update our family as we lived out of the country, but has since turned into a more full time gig for me to share my love of God, our parenting and marriage journey and our life abroad with all of you! We now have 2 little loves, our beautiful daughter and our handsome young gent.

I hope you enjoy our blog (mostly written by me, Brittany, but sometimes there are guest appearances by Josh!) as much as I enjoy writing it! Please feel free to drop a comment any time you’d like!


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