A Beachy Christmas

This year’s Christmas was the 1st time my husband or I had done something other than spend this time with our families. Usually we have the Christmas family extravaganza, going from house to house, spending time with each family, loading up on tons of hugs and kisses, food and gifts.

But this year was different. Living in Bangkok and not being able to travel home made it impossible for Christmas to be the same as it always has.

So since it couldn’t be the same as it always has, we decided to do it completely different! We went to the beach! And despite not having our family or friends there and the unforgettable, adventure home, it was really quite nice.

In Thailand, there is not much hype for Christmas. There is no commercialized push to buy tons of expensive gifts. Santa clause is not at every shopping center you go to either. They put up lights and Christmas trees, but they keep it simple.

So anyway, we packed up our family and headed to the beach. We had an amazing time playing and relaxing together as a family. We enjoyed playing in the ocean everyday and eating dinner on the beach every night.  It was a great week.

On Christmas day we went to the beach during the day and played in the ocean.  We then dedicated the evening to celebrating Jesus.  We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas and sang happy birthday to Jesus.  Josh told the story of Jesus’ birth to the kids.  Then we had some cookies and hot chocolate to celebrate his birthday.  The great part about this trip is we were able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, our Savior being born.

So even though Christmas was different, we still had an amazing time together celebrating and explaining the birth of Jesus!

Our Top 15 Memorable Moments of our Beach Christmas 2015:

15. Seeing a fire show performance.

14. Brittany enjoyed a new pair of sunglasses for about 1 hour until the     waves ate them.

13. Brayden’s love for playing in the ocean.

12. Brayden unintentionally went scuba diving after Mommy got hit by a wave (He was fine, and I still had ahold of him!).

11. Playing a new game together as a family on Christmas Eve.

10. Sharles singing Christmas songs on Christmas.

9. Sharles finding the moon every night (It was a full moon and beautiful)!

8. Sharles and Brayden always making new friends wherever we go.

7. Watching Sharles play on the beach and loving it.

6. Enjoying breakfast on the beach every morning at our hotel.

5. Sharles carrying around a cat every morning at breakfast.

4. Walking down the beach with our luggage to get to the hotel upon arrival.

3. We all got food poisoning the night before we were supposed to come home with a 30 minute ferry ride and a 4 hour bus trip ahead of us.

2. Josh threw up over the ferry, while holding Brayden.

1. Sharles throwing up on the ferry 3x!

Thank you God for you Son Jesus and this most wonderful time of the year!