Birthday Gifts for the 2 Year Old Boy

So my little man is turning 2 years old this month, so as I was doing some research on what to get him for a “big gift”, I thought I would share some gift ideas I found for 2 Year Old Birthday Boys!

Here in Bangkok, we are right smack dab in the middle of rainy season, so little man needs a raincoat. What little person doesn’t like wearing a raincoat or rain boots in the rain? Anyway, I was thinking a super cool raincoat like a superhero one. Check out this cute Batman Raincoat! His cuteness is sure to be enhanced by this heroic raincoat. I will be looking for my little guy something similar to this one!

We were talking recently with my daughter and son about what kind of activities they wanted to play when they get older, and my son said he wanted to play basketball, so here is one of the best selling Basketball Goal out there all the little guys will love! This one even grows with your son as he gets older, so it will grow with him and last a while. These type of toys are also great with developing motor skills and hand eye coordination for the littles.

My nieces and nephews had a train they rode that my daughter used for her 2nd birthday party, so if you have space big enough for this Train, it will be a hit for your little dude! And of course, this one is Thomas! You can also buy extra tracks to go along with this one, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. It can also go off the tracks, so you can ride it around the house, the neighborhood, park or wherever your little guy’s heart desires! It is also Fisher Price, so you can be assured that it will be dependable.

For sure, this Truck needs to be on your summer wish list or birthday list for you little boy! This truck is a new take on a classic toy car. This one is also good quality because it is Little Tikes brand.

This toy needs to be on your summer wish list or your little man’s birthday list for next summer. This cute little Lawnmower will have your little guy helping out in the yard and keeping him occupied while daddy (or mommy) is cutting the grass! It’s got many cool features too, such as a pull starter like a real push mower!

Here is another classic, and everyone loves a Slide, including my son. If you have a big enough space it can even be used indoors, and of course outdoors too. It folds up easily making it easy to carry, so if you have enough space inside or in your garage, you can use it when it is hot, cold, in the rain or when the sun is shining!

Tunnels are also such a fun toy for tots too! We use these in our Preschool Class at church and all the kids absolutely love it! Tunnels are so good at creating imaginative play for toddlers as well. These are nice too because they can fold up small for storage, but pop right out when you want to play with them with no assembly required! The price on this one is great too!

Sand and water tables are also great gifts for the little guys. They provide endless entertainment. My children love anything to do with water, and if you add sand, it is an extra bonus! The table mentioned above, comes with an umbrella too, which makes it great for outdoor use, and it also comes with additional toys!

Every boy needs a Car Play Mat! It, too, can provide continued fun for your little guy! We already have one of these, and my son loves it! This mat can also be used for learning about cars, neighborhoods, sharing, resecting others and many other lessons as well!

Since I have a daughter, we have tons of baby dolls in our house, so my son, wanting to be like his big sister, sometimes wants to play with her babies. We have this Boy Doll that makes it much more bearable for my husband to allow him to play with dolls. His name is “FuFu” in our house. If you have a little dude that wants to be just like his sister or just likes to play with dolls, this is a good option for the little guys! In addition to the clothing, it comes with a velcro diaper and a magnetic pacifier, which both my son and daughter love! This would be a great gift from mom, dad, grandparents or even friends!

Okay, this one may be more for mom, but maybe your little man might love it too! A Toy Chest to put all of his new cars, balls and other toys he receives for birthday gifts in, and it could probably even hold some of those new big toys he gets too! It is also nice because it has 2 smaller storage bins underneath to hold some of the smaller toys your little man may have. The price on this one is pretty reasonable as well.

He is also going to need a new Backpack to carry around all of his new toys. My son really loves backpacks and dogs, so this one is super cute for that dog loving boy in your life too! I love the Skip Hop brand also because there things are so durable!

I hope you find this useful in your quest for finding the perfect gift for the 2 year old guy in your life!

What is your best gift idea for the littles in your life?

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