Shout It Out

We should always be looking for the return of Jesus and living out the Great Commission!

Have you Ever have a bad day? Well, that’s a silly question, isn’t it? Don’t we all have bad days? What makes it a bad day? Your child colored all over the walls? You have a massive leak in your kitchen? You spilled ketchup all over your brand new white dress shirt? How do you overcome these bad days? Some days they may even seem too overwhelming to overcome.

But then there is Jesus! Paul’s life wasn’t easy. It was hard, but Jesus overcame it all through His death and resurrection.

We have been reading in Acts at our church, and Paul gives us a great example of what it means to live sent. Paul used every opportunity to expand the kingdom of God. Paul knew his purpose, and his purpose was sharing the Gospel. Even though we may get frustrated or down right angry about where God is telling us to go, we still have to be obedient to go. God may be telling you to go to your best friend, but you may be thinking, “He won’t be my friend any longer.” He might be telling you to go to your work, and your thinking, “I might get fired.” He might be telling you to go to a different country, and you think, “I might be killed.” Didn’t Jesus put it all on the line for you? Didn’t He die for you? So what if your friend doesn’t like you any more. God used you to plant His seed in him. Isn’t that much more gratifying than having him as a friend?

Although we are not responsible for the salvation of others, we are responsible for going and telling others about Jesus.

What purpose does God have for your life? God can use any circumstance you have been through to bring Him glory. So my question to you is, how can you live out what God has called you to do? The lost of the lost can be saved. Not because of you, but because God is with you and sent you to share His love and His Word with them.

Our sole purpose should be about sharing the Gospel. Everyone deserves to hear about God’s saving grace, and it is our job to tell them about it. Don’t expect people to come to you. You should run to them proclaiming God’s love and saving grace because He has saved you! And don’t just live it out, shout it out too!

What are some ways you are being called to actively share your faith and the Gospel with others?