Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord. Do you know what that means? As stated by Webster, lord is a person who has authority, control or power over others. So do you give Jesus the authority over your life? Do you give Him control or do you take control over your life? Do you give Jesus power when you are making decisions?

If you were to die today, would Jesus know you? I’m not talking about “know you” like you know your child’s teacher or the girl that bags your groceries at the store, but does Jesus know who you are? Does he know your vulnerabilities, your heart, your being? Do you allow Him to know you intimately?

Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples, obviously held Jesus at a pretty high regard, or he would have never followed Him as fervently as he did, but in the Bible, Judas never called Jesus his Lord. We can see this play out as Judas betrays Jesus and turns him over to the authorities, who later beat and kill Jesus, but Judas never gave his life to Jesus. He saw Jesus as Rabbi or teacher, but not as Lord. So do you see Jesus as a teacher or do you see Him as your Lord?