Why I Chose to Take My Kids Across the Ocean in a Speedboat

Okay, you got me, I chose to take my children in the middle of the ocean by speedboat to go to one of the most beautiful island destinations in the world. Nope that’s not the reason! Even though the beautiful island and crystal clear ocean were an added bonus! But no! Going to a new beautiful destination is not the reason I chose to go on a speeding boat across the open ocean!

The first reason I chose to take my children across the ocean was because I want to raise brave, fearless kids. (Read my husband’s take on that topic here.) I want them to know they can do things that might seem scary, and I want to model it for them. We went swimming in the ocean, which my daughter was not too fond of, but she did it! She overcame her fear and went in the water with Mommy! I want them to learn how to face their fears and handle scary situations in the future by helping them do it now. When I encourage them to handle their fears while I, or my husband, walk along side them, they learn how to face their fears at a much younger age allowing them to continue to do it as they get older.IMG_7781

My husband and I are both are very comfortable with water. Our kids are around water often. We knew the safety factors as well as the risk factors present with taking our children out into the open water on a speedboat, and we believed we could handle the situation and our children could too. We prepped them before the trip and talked to them about being brave even if it was a little scary, and they both did so great!

Speedboat trip
Phi Phi Island

Another reason I decided to take my children across the open ocean on a speedboat was for experience. Some of my favorite memories from growing up are traveling with my family and the many experiences I was able to be exposed to growing up. There aren’t many children that can say they have been able to do things our children have already gotten to do either. On this trip, we went snorkeling, which was an amazing experience for my kiddos, and they loved it! They were so brave to look into the water at the fish and were not afraid of the fish at all! This experience was an amazing one for them!

The last and most important reason I chose to take my children on a speedboat across the open ocean was to teach them about trusting God. Our faith lies within God. We know He knows the number of days we have on this earth, and we cannot be scared or worry about those days. Going across the ocean also allows us to show our children the vastness of God’s creation as we travel across the ocean showing them how big the ocean and the sky that God created are. We can also tell them God made the waves and is in control of them. We teach them to not fear because God will keep us safe and protect us. Just tonight in the car, our daughter was telling us how God keeps us safe and protects us! Our children are learning these things not just because we tell them, but because they are experiencing it!

Don’t get me wrong, I prayed while we were on that boat! I prayed for my children to be brave, for the waves to be calm and for us to have a safe trip. Traveling across the ocean on a speedboat with my 2 little loves was a bit anxiety provoking, but I know my God is a big God and He is in control of everything.

We had a great trip and we got to see a new piece of God’s beautiful earth!

How do you raise your kids to be brave?

Why I took my kids across the ocean on a speedboat
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4 thoughts on “Why I Chose to Take My Kids Across the Ocean in a Speedboat

  1. Rachel G

    We live on a tropical island and growing up, we definitely took plenty of trips on speedy boats to other islands or remote beaches–honestly, I think my Mom was probably more nervous than all of us little kids–we just thought going so fast and bumping up and down over waves was the funnest thing ever! No thought to danger as children. Now, as an adult, I know that the boat owners in our area don’t actually have the safest practices in the world, but I still enjoy a good speedboat ride…and I’m glad I can swim!
    It’s very important for parents to be able to teach their kids about being able to trust God and not live life characterized by fear. I’m glad my parents taught me that in many ways–like when they moved from the USA to Malaysia with 6 small children. That’s the sort of thing that takes faith and trust for sure!


  2. Florida resident here! When my kids were infants BOTH went boating and spent time floating in their life jackets far far from the shore. Fear is all about perspective. I’ve spent the better part of my life living near the shores of the roaring sea, it’s not scary to me. There is danger in driving a car these days. We can’t let our journeys as parents be characterized by fear!


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