Raising Children in Faith

If you follow my blog, which I hope you do, you know I am a woman married to a pastor, with a spunky little girl and her silly brother living in Bangkok trying to share God’s love with anyone who will listen! So to say we raise our spunksters in an environment filled with faith might even be an understatement! They are my 1st and foremost mission field!

I love Jesus, so I teach my sillies about Jesus because I want them to love him too! However, I also teach them to remember they don’t have to be perfect because no one, except Jesus, can ever be perfect! I teach them we are different. We live in a culture that is less than 1% Christian, so I don’t want them to grow up to believe Christianity is the only thing out there-and I know it’s not because we see Buddhism everywhere here. We always talk about other cultures and why the people here are visiting shrines and celebrate holidays that we do not. Ultimately, I want them to choose Christianity, not because I tell them to, but because, they know in their heart, Jesus is the only thing that can save them! So every time we talk about other cultures, we also talk about Christ. I want them to know it is okay to be different, to love Jesus and to stand up for what they believe in always!

My husband and my #1 goal in raising our children is to teach them to love God and love others. They don’t always get it right, and neither do we for that matter, but we try with all of our might to teach them this principle. We pray for them everyday that they will grow up loving God and loving people, and in the meantime, we try to teach them this idea everyday by example, activities and by correcting them. Through our actions, our children can see Christ’s love coming out of us. Through activities, we can teach them how to love others. Trough correction, we can teach them what not loving others looks like also. They also see us actively talking about Christ’s love with others, so we are not only directly teaching them, but indirectly teaching them. They can also see our love for Christ in the conversations we have with others. They also learn it is okay to talk about God with their friends because we aren’t ashamed to do so.

I also don’t depend on my church to teach my children. Yes, I plan our curriculum at the church, and sometimes I teach their class, but ultimately, it is my job to teach them about Jesus everyday. It will be the same when I send my children to school. It is not the school’s responsibility to teach my children everything they ever need to know about life and growing up or even to fully educate them on all matters. It is ultimately my job to oversee what they are learning and help them navigate through this life, and the same goes to their spiritual learning as well.

So, mamas and daddies, I am encouraging you to raise your children up in faith. Raise them to withstand the outside influences of this crazy world we are living in today. I am not telling you to shelter them, quite the opposite, actually, but be involved in their spiritual maturity raising them up in a faith they can stand strong in forever.

12 thoughts on “Raising Children in Faith

  1. Ohh girl our babies need Jesus more than ever. I make it a point to talk about Jesus all day. It’s so encouraging to hear of other mamas who find it their number one priority. I don’t know if you have heard of the Child Training Bible, but since I’ve gotten that it has really brought the bible to life for my little ones! I love it!! As a pastors wife this would be such a great tool to share with families. I am in no way affiliated with them. I just love it very much!! I will be doing a post on it wednesday. I’d love for you to check it out!!

    Amber/ http://www.everydaydame.com


  2. Amen! It’s imperative that we do this! Not to shelter, but to enable them to be able to stand strong in their own faith and follow Jesus. It’s establishing them, helping them to become stable in the Word. I love that my kids out of the blue will start talking about their day and how they talk to others about Jesus. Our house/family motto is to keep Jesus first. Love this post! Praying for you all.


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