My Boba and a Warning for Forward Facing Baby Wearing

I am not like a huge activist for baby wearing or anything like that, it is just truly what has made my life easier living here in Bangkok. Traveling around Bangkok with 2 littles in tow can present quite a challenge sometimes. I previously posted about our methods of transportation here, and since little miss can walk, I typically carry my son everywhere we go. It is so much easier to carry him than let him walk. We have lived in Bangkok about 18 months, and since that time, he has pretty much been in a carrier everywhere we go, but those days are coming to an end, and I am starting to grieve the loss of my Boba and carrying my little man!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you just how awesome the Boba is since I have been using it religiously since my son was about 6 months old-like there are rarely days that go by without me using it.

It is great for littles and bigs alike. My son will be 2 years old next month, and I still carry him all the time! For the littles it comes with a hood that you can strap above their head to keep their head in place, to keep them hidden from germs and to make it dark so they can sleep! The Boba also gives you Organic teething pads that you can unsnap and throw in the washing machine that are easy to clean as opposed to having to throw your whole carrier in the washing machine! They also send you a carrying bag, but I have never used it!

It is also nice because it seems to be lightweight and breathable. It is HOT in Bangkok, and my son and I both don’t mind wearing it all over town. It is comfortable too. There are days, when we explored the city, that I would wear my son for hours because he was too little to walk.

Baby wearing on the back.

I LOVE this baby carrier and would recommend it to anyone! My husband even wears it quite comfortably when he carriers my son too!

Check out all the details of how to get your Boba here.

I also wanted to share with you about forward facing baby wearing because I think it is so important, and many people don’t even know there is anything wrong with it. Please, please, please make sure you are wearing your baby correctly. With a Boba, and all other baby carriers, you can wear your child on the front or on your back. But NEVER wear your baby forward facing! Boba warns you to not do this because it is unsafe. I see so many women in Bangkok doing this, so if you are reading this and you wear your baby forward facing, please STOP.

Here are some reasons why I am asking you to stop wearing your babies forward facing:

  1. I beg you, please do not forward face your child in a carrier if he has no neck and head control! There is no neck or head support for a forward facing baby. Even when the child of any age sleeps in a forward facing position there is no neck or head support for this child.
  2. If your child is forward facing, their legs are not supported. If their legs are not supported correctly, it could interfere with their hip development.
  3. A child facing forward in carrier also has stress on his back. Since the child has nothing to hold on to while facing forward, it places all the pressure on his spine.
  4. Forward facing can also be overstimulating for children. A child who is facing toward his mother or father can take in the world at his own pace because he can hide his eyes and his ears when he needs to, but a baby that is facing forward does not always have this opportunity. This fact can cause the child to be overwhelmed and even fussy.
  5. You cannot see the child, so you are unaware of the external cues he is giving you. Wearing a child facing toward you also allows for more social stimulation for him and allows him to learn more because you can interact with him more efficiently. It also allows you to have eye contact with one another. Who doesn’t love having eye contact, especially babies? If they are forward facing it is also more difficult to see if they have spit up or are chocking on something as well.
  6. It is much more difficult for the person wearing the child. Naturally a child facing you wants to lean into you to be supported, but if the child is facing away from you, it makes it much more challenging to carry, which could also be causing you back strain or possibly a back injury.

Please don’t hear me shaming you if you wear your baby this way. Studies have shown that wearing babies in forward facing carriers is not the best option, and I just want to present you with the most accurate information I can.

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