Come On, Follow the Dyers

I, Brittany, have been blogging for quite some time now. Mostly, I blogged to keep our family and updated while we live overseas, but lately it has become more of a passion of mine. I love to blog and share ideas I come up with. Honestly, I believe it is a passion God has given me to be able to share with others out there how to be a parent, wife and Christian while living overseas in a country that is only 1% Christian. I want to share with you because I believe I can share things with you that I have learned in hopes that you can learn something too! And share with me some of the things you have learned!

If you want more info on how our journey to get here began, check out an old post here.

So, I am trying to take my blog to the next level. I am trying to share with you mom, with you wife and with you woman of God my experiences along the way. There will also be post written by my husband that will have more of a manly feel to keep that perspective as well, but the posts will mostly be written from my stay-at-home mom/semi-ministry worker point-of-view!

Josh and Brittany

I hope you find this blog helpful and a place where you can relate. Since my former life included counseling, there will be more expert advice and opinions on those topics as well! My mine goal is for you mom, wife and church lady to feel supported as you journey in this crazy world we live in.

I will also share some of the adventures we have in life here in Bangkok, Thailand, and I hope you can enjoy those too!

I would love it if you would follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well. You can also follow our blog to get blog updates. You can also sign up for e-mails that will come from us too! And please feel free to share any of our posts on your social media sites as well.

I would be honored if you would Follow the Dyers on our life adventure of raising our 2 beautiful children and living a life devoted to God!

And feel free to ask any questions along the way. I would love to answer them on our blog too! So let’s get started with this, what would you like to hear about on this blog?

Thanks for following!

The Dyers

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