Sharing Some Stencil Love

I recently received some stencils for my daughter that I wanted to share with you all! She loves the stencils! It comes with stencils, paper, coloring pencils and a pencil sharpener, which is great for us because we were in need of all of those things! Ha!

My child using a stencil

If you know anything about me, you know I don’t love for my kiddos to watch TV and be on electronic devices very often. I think they need to grow their physical and relational skills instead of having a show or game teach them how they should talk, act or respond to certain situations. I would rather them develop their own sense of creativity rather than someone else tell them how to do it.

Anyway, I received this amazing stencil set, and my daughter loves to play with it! I have been in communication with the creator of this stencil set, and she has given me so many ideas of how to use the stencils. (*Note she is in no way commissioned off this post, and she doesn’t even know I am writing it! I just really like these stencils and want to share with you how much fun we have been having with them!)

They are packed in an easy to carry package with a handle, so we will be able to travel with it on flights and long car rides too! They seem pretty sturdy, and the creator assured me as my 3 year old daughter gets older, she will be able to do many more fun things with them instead of just drawing the outline provided by the stencil! One fun thing she shared with me is making puppets out of the stencils after cutting out the drawing by glueing it to a popsicle stick or something similar! Fun!

Her Facebook Page has lots of cute ideas too, and you can get a preview of the stencils as well. The thing I love most about it is it has so many stencils to choose from!

I would say the only downfall is it’s a bit pricey, but it seems to be worth the money with all that you get! Some of the reviews I read said it is not easily usable for children under 5 years old, but my 3 year old didn’t have any problems using it. However, she has been using other stencil sets for a while now.

My daughter loves stencils and will sit for hours using them. It increases her creativity, which I am not always very good at fostering because I’m not the creative type myself. She has learned to draw the stencil and cut it out, like on the cover of the set, and then uses her imagination with whatever object she cuts out.

My son, who is almost 2, loves to scribble with the stencils too, so I am sure he will enjoy it as he gets older too! It also has letters, shapes and animals, which could allow for recognizing and naming games too! Nonetheless, it is a great gift idea for both boys and girls and really for all ages as they can grow into using the stencils as the child grows.

My kids enjoying their stencils

If you are interested in buying or just checking out this stencil set, here is the Amazonlink to do so!

*This post has affiliate links. Click here to see my Disclosure Statement .

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