Tips for Spicing Up Your Bible Study

A Bible Study reality is sometimes we get in a rut and a routine. We get in a perpetual habit and sometimes it becomes boring. No one wants a boring Bible Study, so here are some tips on how to spice up your Bible Study routine.  

Start by making a comfortable place for you to read your Bible. Make a serene place to study the Bible. Find a nice chair with a table beside it to make it more comfy. Grab a beanbag to sit on. Make a pallet in the floor or closet. Sit in a chair on the front porch with a warm cup of coffee. Wherever you feel comfortable to spend time with God, make it happen.

Maybe it could help to sing a worship song to get you focused. Correlate your worship song to what you are studying if possible. It does not have to be out loud; it can be in your head just between you and God.

Create something to correlate with what you are studying to help your Bible Study come to life. Take pictures on your phone of what you think the scripture is trying to tell you. Make a meme and share it with your friends. Paint a picture of what you believe God is trying to tell you. You don not have to be an artist to do this, because it is the intent and learning method that matters.

I think it is a great idea to choose a verse to memorize from the scriptures you are reading. Write it on a sticky note and post it where you will see it every day. Make it a screensaver on your phone. Choose a way you can memorize scripture and write it on your heart.

It is even great to listen to other sermons or watch videos related to the scriptures you are studying. This is a good way to look at scriptures from others points of view and dig deeper into the message of scriptures.

It can also be beneficial to relate your Bible Study to current events. Does what you are reading pertain to anything going on in the world? How can you see God working currently through the scriptures you are reading?

Pray. Use different postures of prayer. It is fine if you are sitting in your chair or beanbag or wherever you choose to pray, but sometimes the Spirit may lead us to pray differently to God-to take a different posture of prayer before God. Kneel before God if you need to do so. Stand with your hands outstretched to God if you feel lead to do so. Bow down before God if the Spirit leads you in that way. There are many different ways that prayer can take place, but be sure to listen to the Spirit’s guidance on how he wants you to pray.

There are so many ways to increase your Bible Study to keep it from getting stale and boring. Make sure you are giving your full attention to God when you are studying the Bible. When you need to spice up your Bible Study, try some of the tips listed above!
I hope you enjoyed these quick tips! What other ones would you add?

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