Getting Around

I often get asked how we get around in Bangkok. We don’t have a car, so people are always curious. In Bangkok, we have many different, fun ways to get around. So I thought I would share here with those who are curious about the many options we have to travel around the city.

My favorite mode of transportation is the BTS (Bangkok Transit System), which is like a Sky Train. I like this method of travel because with 2 littles, it is so much easier to get around. It is fast, convenient and most everywhere we go is right off of the BTS line. It is also so clean, and I don’t have to worry too much about germs. The BTS is a great way to travel around, even if with the kiddos.


My most favorite mode of transportation is a motorcycle taxi. They are fast and cheap, but they can pose a little more danger, just because they are motos and sometimes they whizz in and out of traffic. They are everywhere, so they are easy to use as well. They do not have to wait in traffic since they can fit in between the cars, so they get you to your destination without hesitation.


The next mode of transportation is a taxi. In Tennessee, where we come from, there are barely any taxis and no one ever uses them, but in Bangkok, they are a necessity. Taxis may be my least favorite mode of transportation because of the traffic, but they are often a necessary evil to get you where you want to go, especially if the sky train doesn’t take you to your exact location. If you travel reasonably far off the BTS line, it’s essential to take a taxi. Typically, I have no trouble grabbing a taxi when I need one. Compared to American standards, taxis in Bangkok are super cheap and always clean! I don’t think I have ever paid more than $10 to go anywhere. Try paying that rate in New York! No way! Not unless you are only going a few blocks! Another thing I don’t love about the Bangkok taxis are they are not supposed to refuse to take you, but many of them do. It’s not something I understand, but I also think if they don’t want to take me, it’s probably better off anyway!


Another mode of transportation is the bus. The bus isn’t one of my favorite modes because it is hard for me to get on and off with 2 children. The buses often don’t come to a complete stop, so it’s hard for me to get my head strong 3 year old on and off the bus quickly enough. However, I sometimes take the bus when I am by myself or it is just my husband and I. It is so cheap and there are so many stops that make it easy to ride. We also often take our short term mission teams on buses because it is so cheap and easy.


Yet another mode of transportation is a Tuk Tuk. We rarely ever take tuk tuks because they are generally more expensive. They are the most famous method of transportation among foreigners, and let’s just say they know it. Usually, they ask for much more money from foreigners. It is often cheaper to take a taxi to our destination, but it would be much more fun and unique to take a tuk tuk.

If visiting Bangkok, you will most likely have the opportunity to use each of these types of transportation. There are many options to choose from, so if you don’t like one, just choose another.

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