Let Your Light Shine

We recently took a trip to Chiang Mai. It was a wonderful time of rejuvenation for our family as we visited a long time friend while we were there. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with her and her church family  as well.

We also were able to see the Loy Krathong Lantern Festival while we were there. The festival in Thailand has become a way that the Thais honor Buddha. They write wishes on their lanterns and send them up into the sky hoping they will come true. In addition to the lanterns they send up into the sky, they also float lights down the river. The floating away of the lights represent floating away of bad luck to some and for others it is a way they worship the goddess of water.

The sight of all the boats floating down the river and all the lanterns going up in the sky was spectacular, but at the same time, the entire celebration was so sad for us to sit and watch. Celebrating an empty goddess of water and sending up and away wishes and luck are so sad to me. I couldn’t help but pray for God to be known amongst the thousands, from numerous nations, that were there that week, celebrating emptiness.

Continue to pray for Thailand. I know our God will do big things here. He is bigger than luck and has even more heartbreak for each person there than I experienced that week.

Despite our sadness for the people experienced during Loy Krathong, we truly enjoyed the city of Chiang Mai. The slow pace, small town feel was so refreshing to experience for a few days. However, we were glad to get back to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and jump right back into the ministry God placed before us here.

Thank you to each of you who continue to pray for us and pray for Thailand. We feel your prayers and appreciate them so much. Please continue to pray for Thailand, Bangkok, LifePoint BKK, and our circle of influence. Pray for us to remain strong and be rejuvenated when we feel weak, sad or overwhelmed. We know God hears each prayer, and we are overwhelmed by them here.

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