As I think back at all God has done for me, I can’t help but be so grateful. I mean God has saved me from death. Literally, God saved me from death. My dad dropped me off at my Meema’s house with the intention of going home and murdering my mom. My brother and I could have very well been there too and could have been apart of the tragedy. It wasn’t my dad who saved me by taking me to my Meema’s house that day; it was God who saved me that day. God didn’t merely save me from death; He saved me for eternity. That day was the beginning of my journey to becoming a Christian. I had no idea that that horrible event would lead me to my Saving Grace. No matter how many times I look back at what happened to me at such a young age, I can’t help but be grateful. I can’t help but be sad for those who don’t know Jesus because I cannot understand how they make it through the hard times they must endure.

God brought me to Christianity. He called me out of the multitudes. He opened my eyes. Yes, through death, He truly brought me to life! For this, I will forever sing His praises!

I know it is hard to understand how I can be so grateful despite such a horrible event, but without this event happening, I would have never met my husband. Because of my parents death, I moved cities, and that’s where I met my wonderful husband. Without meeting him, I wouldn’t have the most gorgeous children I have today either because without his genes, they wouldn’t be who they are today!

Without my parents’ death, I wouldn’t have such a strong passion to help others. God engrained in me this passion to help others because I can empathize and sympathize with them. He not only groomed me to be this way, he created me to help others. Those are the gifts He gave me from the day I was born! I am so thankful for this gift because I love helping other people. I love counseling and am thankful for the opportunity He gave me to do this.

I also know that He has made me resilient. He created me to be resilient. I have no reason to be resilient. By psychological standards and tests, I should not be as well as I am today. (My friends might still tell you I am a weirdo though! HAHA!) I can only give credit to God for making me who I am today because without His grace I would not be where I am today.

I am just so thankful that God called me to be one of His children. I am so thankful I sought Him in return. As painful as some moments might be, I cannot forget how blessed I am.

But living in this city, living in Bangkok, brings me great sadness for the people around me because they do not know God. They have not experienced the plan God has for their life. They do not have joy among their pain because the have not chosen to follow God’s call. Will you please join me in praying for my friends in Bangkok? I want them to know how great it feels to experience true Joy!

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