Talk It Up

It’s amazing what God can teach you through a toddler. We went on vacation last month to the beach here in Thailand. If you don’t know us, then I will start by saying, our daughter, who is almost 3, is quite the socialite. She never meets a stranger, and she has a way of making everyone love her. And she also LOVES to talk. To ANYONE. So, needless to say, we met several people while on vacation!

Bangkok is a melting pot of people because of its international business, and its universities are pretty international anyway. The well-known beaches in Thailand also have tourist visiting from all around the world because they are beautiful and reasonably priced. Anyway, this trip we met an American couple, who is now living in Dubai, who was with another family from South Africa. We met a family living in Chicago that were from Hong Kong, a Canadian couple, and Italian family and a group from England as well.

The best part is, we got to share with them why we are living in Bangkok. In essence, we got to tell them about Jesus! Amazing! God blessed us with a daughter who loves to talk, so that we can share the Gospel with others.

I will be honest, sometimes it is terribly frustrating to have an almost 3 year old always talking. “Mommy, what’s this?” “Mommy, can I have this?” “Mommy, what are you doing?” Etc., etc. And honestly, I often forget that it is something God blessed her with. She opened up every opportunity, besides maybe one for us to talk to all of the people we did on our vacation.

Bottom line: Don’t take the gifts God gave your child for granted. He gave your child their specific personality to further the Kingdom.

Furthermore, cease every opportunity God places in front of you to glorify Him. We are missionaries and thought we were going on vacation, but we can never go on vacation from sharing God’s love and His Word with others. We are all missionaries in all instances of our lives. Let us not take that for granted!

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