You Are the God of This City

It’s been a great week here in Bangkok. We have been super busy, but we know God is doing amazing things here!
Josh and I attended our first Unite BKK. It’s a social event used to allow Thais to invite their friends to a fun night at the church. Chris did such a great job planning the event! We had an Open Mike Night and many people came and many participated too! Thais love karaoke, so the event was a big hit! Many who participated sang and danced, and Steve and Chao even lip synced and danced! It was awesome! Joom did an amazing job sharing her testimony about God’s love, and David challenged everyone to take the next step in their relationship with God, such as attending church instead of just our outreach events, joining a small group, or whatever the next step for them may be. It was so much fun and a great message for all of us.
We also attended our first all staff meeting. I cannot even begin to describe how awesome our team is here! Everyone here works so hard! David is an amazing leader. Jen does an awesome job heading up the preschool program here. Steve, Michael, Chao and Kathy are doing amazing things in Comm 110. Tiffany is an amazing cook, who prepares all the food for the Cafe and all of our events. Witt and Brittany are amazing at everything they do. They hit the ground running as soon as they returned from the States. They helped out with Unite BKK and are in the village currently translating for a medical mission team from Chattanooga. Cortney and all the ladies serving in the red light district pour their hearts out weekly to the ladies they meet there. Chris and Riki are amazing at planning our outreach events. All of these are just a few of the things our team members do. I am so thankful God has given us such a wonderful team here in BKK.
Josh also preached on Sunday for his first time here. If you attend LifePoint, we are several weeks behind you in the sermon series. Here in Bangkok, we are talking about the Revolution series, and Josh preached about being committed to the church this week. He did such a great job, and I really think this will be a great series for our church here. We are excited to see everything God has in store here in BKK.
God has also been putting several people in our path. Please pray that we will use each opportunity He puts in front of us. Kathy mentioned on her Facebook about a Mexican food booth she found. Word has gotten around about how good it is, and I think we have all tried it out. It’s hard to find good Mexican food around here! Last week, we went to see if it lived up to the hype. It did! But we also had the opportunity to talk to the owner for a few minutes. He is Pakistani and speaks English. He was eager to talk to us, so please pray we we use this opportunity in the future to glorify God.
We also met a man, who lives in our building this week. He is an architect and a businessman. He speaks English and went to college in the States. He is staying in our building while his house is being renovated. He was extremely nice. We met him in the elevator, and he drove us to the BTS that day so we didn’t have to pay for a taxi. We were able to talk to him so while he drove us too. Pray for God to cross our paths often and allow us to grow this relationship. We are so excited for what the future holds here!

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