Settling In

We are continuing to settle into life here in Bangkok. We rented an apartment in the same building as David and Jennifer McCaman for 2 months and are hoping to move into their apartment when they head back to the States. Our kiddos are sharing a room and have done amazing with adjusting to it!IMG_2843

Our new apartment!


Sharles’ new bed.

We had an awesome Valentine’s Day shopping at Ikea and getting things for our new apartment! We even had pizza and a Dairy Queen Blizzard! Yes!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have had so much fun hanging out with our team and learning new ways of life here and have gotten to meet several new friends along the way! We are so excited for what God has in store for us here!


Sharles and Josiah having fun together.

Here is a funny story for you too…Josh went and got us a Thai dinner one night from a new to us restaurant. I was focused on feeding Brayden his dinner, so I hadn’t started eating mine yet. Josh helped Sharles get hers open and they both started eating. Sharles started eating, then started making this awful growling noise. We were both saying, “What is wrong with her?” We had never heard her make a noise like this before. I noticed her lips looked a little red, and I looked at my food. I told Josh there were red peppers in it. He said, “It’s not hot, so I don’t know why she is acting like that.” So I kept feeding Brayden his carrots. When I finished feeding him, I looked at my red pepper filled tray and began to eat my food, and then I thought I might breath fire! It was soooo hot! Then, I remembered Josh said David ordered food for him from the Noodle Guy the day before and realized he must be immune to the hotness! Poor Sharles! Haha!

2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Laura Knight

    Love seeing Josiah and Sharles playing together! I’m sure it is a huge blessing to have a built in playmate. 🙂 Wish I had gotten to know that sweet daughter of yours before you left. Praying for you today.

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