Adjusting to the Change

We made it safely to Bangkok! The flight was not as hard as we thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it was still draining, but our kiddos were amazing. The only meltdown we had, was at immigration in Bangkok, and Sharles was so ready to go to bed! I would call that a successful trip! She was pretty happy the rest of the time! Our kids are adjusting well to the 13 hour time difference so much better than we thought they would too! They both slept all night last night, which is such an answer to our prayers! They have adjusted to everything so much quicker than we thought they would.


We hit the ground running as soon as we got up the next day. We started looking for an apartment and have seen several, but still haven’t settled on one yet. We are still trying to get acquainted with the city and transportation, but are hoping to have an apartment this week. Please pray for God to show us where He wants us to be.

We have been getting around pretty well. We haven’t ventured too far, but we have managed to eat every meal! I even managed to cook dinner last night! We also took our 1st BTS (elevated subway) ride today to take Sharles to the park! I must say, we, mainly Josh is doing a great job getting us around! I am still too overwhelmed to know what I am doing! Ha!


We also made it to our 1st LifePoint BKK (Bangkok) service on Sunday. It was awesome! Sharles warmed up to everyone so much better than I ever thought she would. She went to her class with another little girl and 2 other little boys. She seemed to enjoy herself! Michael preached this Sunday after they just returned from the States. He did a great job sharing the Biblical truths of tithing! After church, they order lunch and we all sit together and eat lunch. We saw the LifePoint Cafe and enjoyed a smoothy from there on our way home too!


Although not having our own place yet has been frustrating, we are still enjoying it here. We have had lots of good family time swimming and playing too! We are looking forward to everything God has in store for us here. Please continue to pray for God to show us the perfect place He has for us to live. Pray for LifePoint and the work it is doing here. Pray for us to keep our eyes open for every opportunity available to share the Gospel with those around us.


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