Possessive of Possessions

When I think about preparing to move to another country and all the things I need to pack to take with me, I am reminded of the story of the woman who anoints Jesus with her perfume in Matthew 26.

The woman had a precious perfume that was usually used for acts of devotion. It had been valued at about a years worth of wages for an average worker during this time period. She poured a years worth of wages and her special perfume on Jesus’ head! Why in the world would she do that?

You might be thinking, “What does this have to do with you packing up your things?” Well, it reminds me that things we often think are important are not so important in the grand scheme of things. But more importantly, it reminds me that all of our things should be used to glorify God.

As I go through my things and decide what I should and should not pack, I have to really ask myself, “Why is his so important to me?” But more importantly, I need to ask, “Can I use this to glorify God?”

What are some of your possessions you have used to glorify God?

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