Talent Search

What are your gifts? How are you using them?

Remember the great story in the Bible of the 3 slave men given talents by their master? Well these aren’t talents, as in gifts, in this story. This story is talking about money. He gave the servants money, and they were supposed to invest their money in order to make more money. Well, 2 of them did just that and the other one did not.

This story has so many great principles in it! Let’s just hit on the greatest 2 I can point out right now.

First, God gives us gifts, or talents as He uses them in this Scripture, in order for us to use them to share the Gospel. We should invest our gifts in other people in order to make more disciples. Let me rephrase: We are not making more disciples, but God is using the gifts He gives us to make more disciples through us! What a gift He gives us to allow us to be apart of growing His kingdom! Using the gifts God gives us is a vital part of discipleship, and if take advantage of those opportunties, we will be rewarded with additional opportunities to expand God’s kingdom.

Second, faithful stewards, who use the gifts God gives us wisely, will be given greater responsibility in both this life and the next! Not that we use our gifts because of what we will be given, but we truly use our gifts for the sole purpose of spreading God’s Word, then God faithfully rewards those who are faithful to Him! How gracious is He! This means we should be faithful in all things God has given us-our money, our time, our skills, our marriage, our children, everything!

So let me ask you again…what are your gifts and how are you using them? Has your answer changed?

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